Sports teams around the globe have been making use of both areas of timing through the addition of a variety of timers as part of the power-play tools for winning. Managers have seen excellent levels of improvement in both individual players and the teams. The latest in today’s practice timers allow the manager or team captain to use preset programming set ups. The results and time are easily viewed by all observers on large LED practice displays.



You can’t always rely on every meeting or conference room having a clock. By having an easily readable Multimedia Presentation Timers with a Red, Yellow and Green light Indicator, you can ensure that every one has the floor equally. In this day and age time in important, be as efficient as possible by selecting our presentation timer packages. Choose from a variety of Packages that we offer. Our presentation timers are easy and efficient to use.
Multimedia Presentation Timers



Do you need to capture data for compliance purposes or to track customer flow improvement? With people always on the go companies try to make waiting lines more efficient to help better serve their clients, patient and/or customers. Need help with overviewing your daily activity? We also have a Cloud management software  (AlzaCloud) that gets detailed information to analyze your activity. We have a ticket printer with advanced data capture and storage for later retrieval.
Do you need basic customer flow control, so that you don't need to yell over your clients, patients and/or customer? Maybe we can help, we have a variety of options to choose from. We provide standard Take-A-Number systems that come with LED windows that can be read from their location they are at. Avoid long waiting lines and prevent them from walking out due to poor waiting line management. Save money now by a click of the button. Eliminate your personal from yelling across the building to get a person attention.

Presentation Timers (Countdown Timers, KeyPad Control Timers) *Sport Fitness Timers* Race Clock Timers* Boat Race Clocks* Waiting Line Management Systems* Take-A-Number Systems ( Led Systems, Led Displays, Take a number Dispensers, Turn-O-Matic Tickets, Multi-Windows Systems)