Hospital Compliance Timer – Patient Management

This video will explain the Hospital Compliance Timer by Alzatex Inc.



Hospital compliance timers are used in Emergency rooms or any room that has the need to check on patients regularly.  This video explains how to connect this unit up and how it works.

First of all you want to plug in your wall transformer.  Make sure the wires are connected to the wall transformer.  Then of course plug the wall transformer into your outlet and into the back of your display.

Then take your Mushroom button phone cord and plug it into the RSSR jack on the back of your display.  The Mushroom button has a large green button for starting the timer and a red button to reset your timer.

To reset your display hold the smaller red button for a few seconds until the display resets and goes dark.

When you push the green button upon entering the room the display will begin to start counting.  The red, yellow, green indicators on the left of the display will function according to the preset times that you have programmed into your timer, Green, when within time allotment, yellow once you are getting close to the end of the allotted time and red when you have past the allotted time.

The smaller timer in the right hand corner of the display shows hours and minutes for the total accumulated time that has transpired.

With the hospital compliance timer a nurse or doctor can know how long and how often the patient is being attended too. This is very important for compliance that is time sensitive.

Hospital Compliance Timer is very important for hospitals and or any situations that require consistent compliance. Discover more timing equipment to fit your needs at Alzatex Inc. Where Your Time is Our Profession.

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