The Double Sided Sports Timer by Alzatex, Inc.

 Double Sided Sports Timer. On one end of the double sided sports timer we have a key pad controller and on the other side we have the connectors that allow multi connection or daisy chaining multiple sports timer. On the connector end we have buttons that are labeled zero and one for power on and power off. These buttons will also act as test buttons. When you press and hold the one button the small green LED light will come on to indicate your equipment is working.The silver connector is designated as a testing port and can be used to power your unit from an AC power outlet. When using this port the battery will be charged at the same time you are using your double sided sports timer. There are two other connections, one marked in the other marked out. The in connector has two functions you can connect a key pad to it that is very similar to the key pad on the other end of your double sided sports timer. You can also use this port for connecting other displays.

This double sided sports timer is made out of heavy duty ABS plastic with molded edges for safety and durability. On top of this heavy duty sports timer there is a spring loaded handle for easy of handling and on each end are D-rings in case you need to hand the unit in some fashion or for added support.

The LED’s are protected by a metal face plate with holes custom drilled to allow maximum illumination. These plates are easy to remove for maintenance and battery access.

Alzatex provides a one year warranty and you can purchase an additional maintenance contract after your year warranty has been concluded.

Give a look at the video for more features and functions of the Alzatex Double Sided Sports Timer.


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