Take-A-Number Systems


Take-A-Turn System


Our Take-A-Turn  systems provide your customer with a fair and organized way to wait for assistance. They can continue to browse while waiting, without the need to defend their place in line. Our systems can also support several line. If you provide different windows, we can provide one system to mange them all. These systems are also referred to as Take-A-Number systems, takeaturn, q-matic, clear-q and take-a-ticket systems. We can provide you with the Take-A-Tickets, the take number dispenser, and either counter stand or floor stand. These customer service and queuing systems provide you with true customer flow management.

The standard Take-A-Turn package includes a display, controller, ticket dispenser and tickets. Customers can take a ticket and wait for their number to be called. When a staff member is ready to service the next customer, he/she would press a button, which advances the display the next number. Displays are available in two  and three digits, and in digits heights of 2.5", 5", 7", 10" and larger. Additional buttons can be added for advancing the now serving display. The buttons can be hard wired, or communicate with the controller wirelessly.

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