Electronic Voting System Request-to-Speak

Electronic Voting System Request-to-Speak  video 01

Electronic Voting System Request-to-Speak  video 02

Electronic Voting System Request-to-Speak  video 03



The Alzatex Queuing System is designed to assist a chairperson in conducting orderly meetings. As speakers’ names are placed in queue, their names will appear on an VFD display. Each speaker will be called in turn as indicated by the VFD Display. A second LCD display in the control room permits him/her to pre-focus the camera on the next speaker for a more professional live or recorded video broadcast. The picture to the left shows several queuing stations mounted at the base of the microphones. The chairperson’s VFD Display is visible in the center of the picture.

Electronic Voting System Applications

Presentation Timer. Timers for timing public speakers at meetings and conferences. Large LED displays or Large Red-Yellow-Green annunciators let everyone in the room know when it is time for the current speaker to sit down and let the next person speak. Request to speak queuing systems for providing public speakers at City council, Planning Commission, and public debates an equal and fair opportunity to speak. Electronic voting systems assist in providing a fair and equitable means for displaying and recording the vote results electronically. Integrated systems that combine timing, request to speak and electronic voting into a single easy to use system.

The Electronic Voting System is Easy to use. It provides a fair and equitable opportunity for all persons to speak. It’s easy to install with Cat-5 cables and RJ-11 phone cords. Some features are, Request to speak and Talk buttons. Microphone mute. Dual function buttons change to Y-N-A when a vote is initiated. Yes, No and Abstain selections when voting. Roll Call, and Optional vote total displays.

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