Waiting Line Managment System

The above video explains the connecting of the Waiting Line Management System by Alzatex.


First part shows how to connect the waiting line management printer. Step one is to connect the buttons. As shown in the video the waiting line management system has eight buttons. If you need a waiting line management system with more than eight buttons. Alzatex can add an additional circuit board to accomplish this for you. After the buttons are installed testing them is a good idea.

The next step is to connect the waiting line management displays to any of the Cat5 connections on the top row of the interface control unit. Then we move on to connecting the printer.

Keep in mind all of these connections are illustrated on the connection diagram with your waiting line management system. The printer is plugged into the second row. To the in out plug in of the interface control unit and also to the in out plug on the back of printer.

Next connect the controller to the in out plug in on the interface control unit and do the same on the control key pad.

The above Video Explains further how the waiting line management printer functions.


See how to print a ticket and how to customize the information of your ticket. Also discover, an explanation on the difference between the now serving and the clients waiting displays. The buttons are an important feature to make the waiting line management system work and are explained in this video.

Another important aspect of the waiting line management system is the controller. Full detailed explanation of how the controller works along with the information that is put on a SKD computer chip to be view for management information.

The above video explains how to change out the paper on your Alzatex Waiting Line Management System.


The above video goes into to deeper detail on how to program your control unit.


The Alzatex Waiting Line Management Take-A-Turn systems provide your customers with a fair and organized way to wait for assistance.

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