Firmware Upgrade – Bezel and Pic

Alzatex, Inc. Firmware Upgrade – Easy To Do
Sometimes during shipping of our Alzatex Timers things can be dislodged or broken. Many times this is very simple to fix and does not require you sending the whole unit back to Alzatex.  In this video we attempt to show you just how easy a firmware upgrade can be.

To begin with you will need a Phillips Head Screwdriver as you take off one end cap. Then you will slide the bezel out of the metal case frame. This will expose the circuit boards. Then locate where the pic is and use a small flat nose screwdriver, gently pry the pic from the socket. Once that is done, grab your new pic and make sure the pins are straight. Then gently set the new pic into place and press into place. Make sure it is seated completely.  Now turn the unit on to make sure it is working correctly. If everything checks out, replace the front plastic bezel and you are good to go. You just completed a Alzatex Firmware Upgrade, Congratulations!

Shipping can always be a problem with sensitive products. We normally use UPS and rarely have any problems. However, no shipping company is perfect and we hope that this video will assist in fixing any problems that may arise with shipping or anything else that may have gone wrong with your timing equipment.

Our Sporting Timer and Display packages can be used to time various activities. Timers can be started and/or stopped on a switch or photo beam. They can be used to measure time in seconds or hundredths. Optionally, time can be measured in milliseconds.

For over 16 years Alzatex has developed many applications for all kinds of scenarios. We can provide standard or custom products to your organization. Founded in 1993, Alzatex Inc. has been serving the business community ever since. Our primary focus is manufacturing high technology products for industry, government and military applications.

Presentation Timers (Countdown Timers, KeyPad Control Timers) *Sport Fitness Timers* Race Clock Timers* Boat Race Clocks* Waiting Line Management Systems* Take-A-Number Systems ( Led Systems, Led Displays, Take a number Dispensers, Turn-O-Matic Tickets, Multi-Windows Systems)